What’s the connection between Patient education and Treatment acceptance?

There is a well documented link between effective patient education and case acceptance across many medical specialties.  Heart disease, diabetes,  counseling all have many studies linking patient education to improved patient outcomes  Education is also key to case acceptance in dentistry. Although statistically not fully accounted for, we realize that patients who understand their dental […]

UX Design Challenges for Voice-Enabled SaaS Platforms

Key user experience insights gained while building voice solutions for healthcare The genesis of voice recognition technology happened somewhere around 1950s, when it was used to understand only numbers and digits. Since then, the advancement of high speed processors, and the availability of humongous amount of data to train efficient machine learning algorithms have facilitated […]

Picking the right Voice-First strategy: Vitamins, Painkillers or Other Drugs — Part 2

What about B2B? Voice in the business world can be broken down into two categories: The first being the novel employment of AI Voice Assistants, like Alexa, in the workplace. These are new applications that range from concierge services to secretarial tasks, to innovative applications in healthcare. Viable use cases are conversations that are brief, finite and […]

Picking the right Voice-First strategy: Vitamins, Painkillers or Other Drugs — Part 1

Our acronym-hopping journey from B2C, B2B to B2C2B and everything in between. Part 1: Vitamins When launching a #voicefirst startup a key consideration in a successful go-to-market strategy is how to balance where the market is today on the hype cycle, and where it will be in 3–5 years time. Many VC’s and entrepreneurs are currently […]