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Empower your team to do more with Bola's handsfree solution!

Book a demo with us today to see Bola AI in action. We know you will be amazed at the speed and effectiveness of Bola AI’s Voice Perio and Clinical Notes solution.

Imagine your team being able to:

  • Get started with a patient right away! No more searching tirelessly for an extra pair of hands
  • Focus fully on the patient, no need to move back and forth to the computer to record data
  • Spend more time educating and caring for your patients
  • Comprehensively chart patients effortlessly in less time than before

We are helping practices see: 

    • 103% increase in diagnosis of periodontal disease-related treatments*
    • A 9x ROI (Return on Investment)*
    • See value right away – install and start charting the same day!

*Study conducted over 6 month period with the nations leading DSO.

I tried all the Voice products over the years, they never worked for us. Then I was asked to try out Voice Perio. Let’s just say it took me longer to get on this webinar than it did to figure out this product, we don’t like change, we’re dentists , but this product is awesome, we’re charting with it daily, it’s an invaluable addition to our office

––A Shop For Smiles


How to plan, and how to win

After scheduling your demo, here are some things we recommend to get ready.

  • Invite the purchasing decision maker to attend
  • Create a list of features you want to see
  • Understand your offices workflow

During the demo, here’s some great suggestions on how to make the most of it.

  • Ask any and all the questions you want
  • Run through specific scenarios that you regularly encounter in your practice
  • Ask us to dive in deeper on any particular areas that you’re interested in.

3,000,000+ Charts completed using Bola! Trusted by 10,000+ Hygienist