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Voice AI For

Perio Charting

Voice AI For

Restorative Charting

Voice AI

Clinial Notes

Bola AI is the leading Voice AI technology for dental professionals

  • Experience hands-free perio charting
  • Complete perio exams consistently even when you are short-handed
  • Increase SRP acceptance rate
  • Add dozens of conditions and procedures without clicking
  • Complete a patient’s restorative chart in minutes
  • Simply start speaking – we’ll do the rest
  • Capture important patient details to increase claim acceptance
  • Produce notes for your own recordkeeping as well as for insurance and patients

And we're integrated

Why Bola?

Our office stand of care requires full periochart with bleeding points and recession to be completed yearly. Prior to Bola, we were pulling assistants and other office staff to help speed up the process. Bola allowed the speed of having an assistant without using the manpower, thus allowing everyone's day to run more smoothly.

ERICA FOWLERSchaefer Dental 921

In our search for a periodontal charting program for our hygiene team, we were continually disappointed with the options that we came across. We wanted a program that was reliable, effective, and efficient. Bola has been the first of its kind to satisfy all those needs for us and has been consistently giving us excellent results!

THE DOCTORSEno River Dental

I like that patients appreciate the technology and hear what I am doing. Using Bola has helped me explain the importance of healthy gums, instead of preaching good oral health all the time.

YVETTEKarlie Gaskins, DDS

[Bola] is giving the patient a better experience as they are not waiting during the appointment for the clinician to get up and get help.