Why speech AI

Touchless Innovation for the Future

Over the last few years, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning have made quantum leaps in their abilities. Computer Vision, Language Processing and Speech recognition has achieved near-human levels. These new technologies allow for high accuracy on a wide range of inputs. Bola is the first clinical voice assistant for the dental market to utilize this new age of technology. The A.I. underpinning Bola’s system allows for unprecedented ease of use and accuracy.

  • Artificial Intelligence has reach near-human level accuracy in the last few years
  • Speech AI allows for varied accents and flexible phrasing
  • Background non-clinical speech and noise can easily be filtered out
  • Secure infrastructure allows clinicians to easily turn on an off the system hands free when privacy is required.
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Our Mission

What do you get with our innovative software?

Built alongside dental staff to be easy to use, quick to onboard and high accuracy with top integrations.

5-minute set-up; same-Day Patient Charting

Automatically connect to your pms/ehr software in real-time. The simplest product you’ll ever onboard.

Flexible to your clinical workflow

Our software customizes to the flow of your offices charting.

Easy Integrations

Seamless and powerful integrations with PMS and EHR softwares

Live Customer Service Walk-through training

Get up and running in minutes with our easy-to-use software and premier customer service.

99% Accuracy

Never miss a beat with Bola’s high-accuracy speech software. It even works at high accuracy with accents.

No more going to find an assistant

We turn a two-person job into one. That way your assistants can focus on patient care and efficiency.