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Accuracy in notation, accuracy in compensation

Exciting news! We are excited to announce the new AI Scribe, allowing providers to focus on their patients while the AI Scribe ambiently records, transcribes and summarizes your conversation straight into a clinical note!

  • No more rejected claims due to poor narratives
  • Efficient & Accurate documentation that fits your workflow
  • Focus on the patient and let Bola do the tedious work for you

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For Techies:
Bola AI Scribe utilizes several different AI technologies including large language model (LLM) generative AI technology. This is the first application of this groundbreaking new technology in the market! We have taken this technology and tailored it specifically to your dental workflow; giving your staff superpowers!

3,000,000+ Charts completed with the Help of Bola! Trusted by 10,000+ Hygienists

We have tried other voice perio software and they never seemed to work. You had to take 20 minutes to get it to understand your voice and then it just doesn't work. With Bola, we signed up, and in 20 minutes we were charting and we haven't looked back. It works, that's all I can say, it really works and we love it. Oh, and my hygienists and assistants have never had a better relationship since bringing on Bola. We love it! - Amanda Bell Office Manager

––Bell Family Dentistry