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See Bola in action – exactly how you’ll use it in your office. With a personal and customized Demo, we’ll do a screen share with you and walk you through our amazing product one-on-one and answer all your questions.

See how we are helping practices see: 

103% increase in diagnosed Perio disease-related treatment diagnosis.

76% increase in production-completed Perio disease treatment procedures.

A multiple x ROI.

Thank you for checking in with us regarding voice perio. It seems to be working well. The ONLY thing we wish was different...We wished we would’ve ordered it SOONER.

––Paul Cavanaugh DDS


How to plan, and how to win

After scheduling your demo, here are some things we recommend doing to get ready.

  • Invite the final decision maker to attend.
  • Create a list of features you need.
  • Understand your company’s workflow processes.

During the demo, here’s some great suggestions on how to make the most of it.

  • Ask any and all the questions you want.
  • Run through specific scenarios that you have regularly in your practice.
  • Ask us to dive in deeper on any particular features that you’re interested in.