"touchless" patient charting

Clinical Voice Assistant

Dental staff is overburdened with clinical patient documentation. Our goal here at Bola is to streamline the process and free you up for what you love to do, patient care.

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5-minute set-up; same-Day Patient Charting

Automatically connect to your pms/ehr software in real-time. The simplest product you’ll ever onboard.

Flexible to your clinical workflow

Our software customizes to the flow of your offices charting.

Easy Integrations

Seamless and powerful integrations with PMS and EHR softwares.

Live Customer Service Walk-through training

Get up and running in minutes with our easy-to-use software and premier customer service.

99% accuracy

Never miss a beat with Bola’s high-accuracy speech software. It even works at high accuracy with accents.

No more going to find an assistant

We turn a two-person job into one. That way your assistants can focus on patient care and efficiency.

Voice Perio

Hygienists are overburdened and busy. Voice Perio allows dental staff to seamlessly enter Perio data directly into your PMS and EHR systems in real-time, saving your hygienist time while educating patients all without needing to track down an assistant!

Voice Notes

Clinical and Progress notes are required for every patient, but can be time consuming and thus done hastily. Voice Notes allows fast accurate transcription for the dentist, hygenists and front-office staff.

Coming Soon

Voice Restorative Charting

Dental staff chart existing and new restorations for each new and existing patient. This can be a tedious task. Let Bola AI help you chart each tooth, surface, treatment and material that is used hands free using your Voice directly into your PMs/EHR and free up your staff!

I tried all the Voice products over the years, they never worked for us. Then I was asked to try out Voice Perio. Let’s just say it took me longer to get on this webinar than it did to figure out this product, we don’t like change, we’re dentists , but this product is awesome, we’re charting with it daily, it’s an invaluable addition to our office

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