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Bola Referral Program

As we strive to create an amazing product here at Bola, we also strive to make sure our customers are happy and want to spread the word about Bola!

To show our appreciation for current and future customers, we’re now offering a $25 Amazon gift card to you if you refer an office and they completes a demo and a  $100 Amazon gift card if that office signs up for Bola!

This program is very simple to take advantage of. All you need to do is fill out this form with your referral information and yours.

Bola can help make your referral’s life easier in their practice by helping them accomplish the following:

  • Helps keep offices on schedule with shorter Perio charting times.
  • Patient education feature that is engaging and objective for customers to understand their oral health.
  • 99.9% voice recognition that can understand any speaker regardless of accent or speaking style.
  • Shortening appointment times to free up revenue-generating activities like impressions, sealants, Invisalign, etc.

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Fill The Form Out

We appreciate you referring an office/offices.

Once you fill out the form, we will contact your referral to see if they would like to do a demo of Bola.




Please see our FAQ’s below.  

To ensure you get compensated for spreading the word about our software, we’ve included a few questions & answers for you below.

Q: When will I receive my gift card or month free?

A: You’ll receive your $100 Amazon gift card after 30 days of the office being on Bola.

Q: If I have questions regarding the Bola Referral Program, who can I contact?

A: You can reach us at [email protected]

Q: How do I submit a referral?

A: You can submit a referral by filling out this form here.

Q: How soon will this office be contacted after submitting our referral?

A: We will contact the referred office within 24 hours


*Bola holds the right to ensure referrals meet our guidelines and standards