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  • 15 minute set-up; same day patient charting Automatically connect to your PMS and EHR software in real-time. The simplest product you'll ever use.

  • Flexible to your clinical workflow Our AI software customizes to the flow of your hygienist's way of charting. No more voice training or software lagging.

  • No more waiting for help Being forced to chart alone at your computer or having to go find an assistant? Bola takes a two-person job, making it more efficient and easier for only one.

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Check out how we are helping practices see:

  • 103% Increase

    In diagnosis of periodontal disease-related treatments.

  • 76% Increase

    In completed treatments of diagnosed perio disease

  • 14x ROI

    An average a 14x Return on Investment

  • 1-2 Month Payback

    Get to positive Return on Investment quickly

  • Money-back Promise

    No contracts and guaranteed satisfaction money-back promise