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Bola AI Partners with Peerlogic AI to Improve Dental Practice Efficiency

New deal joins two industry leaders in providing top-of-the-line dental office AI solutions.

BOSTON, MA—June 6, 2023—Bola Technologies, Inc. (Bola AI), a leading provider of voice-AI technology for dental professionals, announces a pivotal partnership with Peerlogic, the leading provider of voice-based conversational intelligence, powered by AI.

The union will make the best in cutting-edge AI technology available to dentist offices everywhere. Bola AI’s Voice Perio system, which enables dental staff to seamlessly enter perio data directly into client PMS and Practice Management System systems in real time, will complement Peerlogic’s dental software, which is proven to accurately and efficiently assist front-office staff in measuring call performance and generating insights designed to foster practice growth.

“The combined AI technologies of Bola AI and Peerlogic help bring us one step closer to the improved dental experiences that will be commonplace in the future,” said Rushi Ganmuki, founder and CEO of Bola AI. “We are continually striving to find ways to save time, improve efficiency and drive additional revenue in dental practices both large and small. This partnership dovetails perfectly with that mission.”

“We’re thrilled to put our partnership with Bola AI into practice,” said Ryan Miller, CEO of Peerlogic. “Both products are aimed at bringing improved efficiency to the dental office by creating solutions that save time, improve conversion rates and increase productivity. Partnering with Bola AI was exciting to us as we believe that the best AI companies are going to succeed by partnering together and ultimately providing a better product offering.”

In recent years, AI and deep learning have made incredible strides, with computer vision, language processing and speech recognition achieving near-human levels. Bola AI’s Voice Perio solution delivers speech accuracy at 99% and allows for variable accents and flexible phrasing while filtering out background noise and nonclinical speech. Bola AI offers the first clinical voice assistant for the dental market to utilize this new age of technology while providing unprecedented ease of use and accuracy.

Peerlogic’s software has solely been trained on dental calls and its proprietary AI solution can capture every single office interaction, including outbound and existing patient calls. Peerlogic empowers staff members to focus on patient care, while AI can streamline focus areas to correctly prioritize activity. Peerlogic provides actionable insights and previous patient data while streamlining conversations between patient and practice. In essence, Peerlogic offers a roadmap to maximizing front-office efficiency.

The partnership between Bola AI and Peerlogic elevates accuracy and efficiency throughout the patient experience, from initial phone call to touch-free perio charting, to case presentation and treatment acceptance. To learn more about what cost savings practices can achieve when they combine these technologies, please visit or

About Bola AI

Bola AI is the leader in voice-AI software for the dental practice. By harnessing the power of advanced technologies, this platform can provide efficient, fully integrated and accurate speech (99%) solutions for perio charting, clinical notes and more. With Bola AI, practices can empower themselves to create a smarter patient experience while improving operational efficiency and driving revenue. Headquartered in Boston, MA, Bola AI partners with Dentrix and Dentrix Ascend, Curve, Patterson and more. For more information, visit

About Peerlogic

Founded in sunny Scottsdale, AZ, Peerlogic specializes in analyzing patient interactions using advanced technology in voice and natural language processing. They have years of experience in this field and have analyzed over 20 million minutes of dental calls. Peerlogic’s services are utilized by dental offices and DSOs to gain insights that can improve the quality of patient care.