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Bola AI Partnership with Pearl Delivers Value-Based Technology to Dental Practices

Premier companies share a vision of AI’s inevitable impact on dental care, bringing improvement for practitioners and patients alike.

BOSTON, MA—July 06, 2023—Bola Technologies, Inc. (Bola AI), a leading provider of voice-AI technology for dental professionals, has announced an exciting partnership with Pearl, the industry’s most advanced radiologic AI software provider. The union will make the best in cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology available to dentists everywhere in a preferred-pricing bundle that could save clients up to $2,000 off their first year of service.

Bola AI’s Voice Perio solution empowers dental staff to seamlessly enter perio data directly into client PMS and Practice Management System systems in real time. It will pair with Pearl’s Second Opinion and Practice Intelligence software, which automatically read dental X-rays and deliver actionable clinical insights for higher-quality patient care and practice management. 

“AI solutions are reimagining the dental office experiences of the past into those that will be commonplace in the future,” said Rushi Ganmukhi, founder and CEO of Bola AI. “As such, it’s exciting to partner with other companies that have also caught the vision of how AI can transform the dental experience. Pearl’s solutions are helping elevate the standard of care and proving to be a game-changer for dentists and patients alike. We expect this to be a positive partnership for both companies.”

“We founded Pearl with the belief that artificial intelligence can be a paradigm-shifting technology for dentistry, radically improving the accuracy, objectivity, efficiency and transparency of dental medicine,” said Ophir Tanz, CEO of Pearl. “Bola AI holds the same belief, and our partnership reflects that shared vision.” 

AI and deep learning have made incredible strides in recent years, with computer vision, language processing and speech recognition achieving near-human levels. Bola AI’s Voice Perio solution delivers speech accuracy at 99% and allows for variable accents and flexible phrasing while filtering out background noise and nonclinical speech. Bola AI offers the first clinical voice assistant for the dental market to utilize this new age of technology while providing unprecedented ease of use and accuracy.

With regulatory clearance in over 100 countries, Pearl’s Second Opinion is the world’s most comprehensive chairside radiologic AI software. It detects pathologies and other conditions in patient X-rays in real time for patient-facing display, helping dentists ensure the accuracy of their X-ray evaluations and enabling them to better communicate diagnoses to patients. Practice Intelligence, Pearl’s practice-performance platform, applies those clinical AI capabilities in conjunction with patient treatment data to uncover insights that dentists and practice staff use for more-efficient scheduling, recall, procurement and clinical planning, raising their offices’ standard of care and weekly production.

The partnership between Bola AI and Pearl elevates accuracy and efficiency throughout the patient experience, from touch-free perio charting to case presentation and treatment acceptance. To learn more about what cost savings practices can achieve by combining these technologies, please visit

About Bola AI

Bola AI is the leader in voice-AI software for the dental practice. By harnessing the power of advanced technologies, this platform can provide efficient, fully integrated and accurate speech (99%) solutions for perio charting, clinical notes and more. With Bola AI, practices can empower themselves to create a smarter patient experience while improving operational efficiency and driving revenue. Headquartered in Boston, MA, Bola AI partners with Dentrix and Dentrix Ascend, Curve, Patterson and more. For more information, visit

About Pearl

Pearl is shaping the future of oral healthcare with AI solutions developed to elevate the efficiency, accuracy, quality and consistency of dental care. Launched in 2019, Pearl’s industry-leading computer-vision technology is the most comprehensive radiologic diagnostic aid cleared to detect numerous dental conditions across a broad range of patients. Pearl is helping dentists, practice owners and labs establish new, higher standards of dental care around the world. The company is the only dental AI software provider with multinational regulatory clearances, including in the US, the EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Brazil. To learn more, visit