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Bola AI’s Voice Clinical Notes Software Now Available to All Dental Offices

Dental practices everywhere can begin maximizing revenue and case acceptance with innovative, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence dental software as Bola Technologies, Inc. (Bola AI) is now making its Clinical Notes solution accessible to everyone.

The software is designed to help turn tedious tasks into simple, quick engagements with the use of AI. Clinical Notes allows for a fast, accurate voice transcription, freeing up dentists, hygienists and front-office staff to better serve the needs of patients. It includes Wake Word, which delivers truly hands-free, innovative charting. To begin charting, simply say, “Hey, Bola.” When finished, say, “Stop Bola.” No pen or paper needed.

Previously offered only to practices integrated with a Bola-supported practice management solution, Clinical Notes is now available for use with any practice management software.

Click Here to Get a Demo and Learn How Clinical Notes Can Help with the Tedious Task of Patient Note Dictation

“Clinical notes are required for every patient but can be time-consuming to complete and are often done in haste as staff members are moving between appointments,” said Paritosh Katyal, director of product at Bola. “Now, practices that leverage the Clinical Notes software can save time, become more efficient and drive additional revenue, not to mention produce happier patients and office staff.”

Dental health practices that leverage Bola AI’s Clinical Notes software can realize the following benefits:

  • Creating convenience and standardization in workflow.
  • Spending more quality time with patients.
  • Eliminating the need to scribble notes between appointments.
  • Dictating common workflows by working with PMS templates.
  • Using standardized templates for insurance and documentation purposes.
  • Alleviating work after hours by making note dictation quicker.

Clinical Notes works with or without Bola AI’s Voice Perio system, which enables dental staff to seamlessly record perio data directly into client PMS and Practice Management System systems in real-time. Clinical Notes is trained on dental vocabulary, improves its AI use over time and can be used with any desktop-based Practice Management System.

Innovation continues moving forward for Bola AI. In the coming weeks, the company will introduce templates, which will allow Bola AI users to create and edit their own templates and integrate them with their voice-based workflow of Clinical Notes.

“We’re excited to play a part in the continued evolution technology is bringing to the everyday dental office,” says Rushi Ganmukhi, founder and CEO of Bola AI. “Dental practices have typically had to make tradeoffs in their workflow between documentation and patient care. Our goal at Bola is to eliminate deficiencies of the past and move into a more efficient future.”

About Bola AI

With Bola AI, the future of speech artificial intelligence (AI) is here. By harnessing the power of advanced technologies, this platform can provide efficient, fully integrated and accurate speech solutions for perio charting, clinical notes and more. With Bola AI, practices can empower themselves to create a smarter patient experience while improving operational efficiency and driving revenue. Get ready to revolutionize the way your practice operates with Bola AI. Bola AI is headquartered in Boston, MA. For more information, visit